Bigger Schedule

If you need a magnifying glass to read the schedule, you might want to check out the enlarged versions. These will print on multiple pages.


1-888The 2013 CFA Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter World Championship Show starts in

Another Map

CAD_100413aThe overall layout of the hall is here. The red show rings are on the left, the purple show rings are on the right.

Benching Map

siamesecatThe benching is done! Benching is by breed, so if you would like a general idea about which half of the hall you are in (left or right), check this map. Abys start on the far right and the breeds snake through both sections finishing up with the Turkish Vans and HHPs on the far left. The map is not to scale, and it’s just to give you an idea of where the rows are and which half of the hall your breed is in.

Check-in hours are 4:00pm to 8:00pm on Friday and 6:30am to 8:00am on Saturday. Please try to check-in on Friday!



cat_scooterA number of exhibitors last year requested that this year we publish some information regarding how to rent a scooter to use at the World Show. We have looked into it and information is on the Scooters page.

Parking Update


Parking at the showhall is free for guests at the adjoining Hyatt.

Not staying at the Hyatt? Parking at the showhall is free on Friday. Parking fee for Saturday and Sunday is $5 per day or you can purchase a special pass that gets you parking for both days for only $5 total. Complete and submit this form to obtain the discounted parking rate.

Specially trained Aby valets will be available to park your car for you, bring freeze-dried chicken treats for tips.

Payment Reminder

Payment Information for Entries: For those exhibitors that have submitted their entries and have received a confirmation from Monte Phillips our entry clerk, now is the time to send in your payment for your submitted confirmed entries. This will help Monte greatly as he continues to process the entries.

All entries MUST be paid in full within 10 days of receipt of entry or PRIOR to closing date, whichever is first as per CFA Show Rule 11.08a. Make checks payable to Cat Fanciers’ Association and please note World Show-RED or World Show-PURPLE on the check. Make PayPal payments to, also note World Show-RED or World Show-PURPLE in the message field.

Thank you for entering!

5th Photographer

Tetsu Yamazaki has confirmed for our show! This brings us to 5 excellent photographers, a great opportunity for all exhibitors!

Larry Johnson from Louisiana
Richard Katris from California
Audra Mitchell from Canton, Georgia
Preston Smith from Kansas City, Missouri
Tetsu Yamazaki from Japan

Breed Summaries

Curious about what breeds are entered? Check out the breed summaries! These will change as our entry clerk adds cats, subs cats, etc.

Additional Photographer

Photographer Preston Smith from Missouri will be at the World Show!