Cat Talk needs your photos

Special World Show Coverage

Congratulations to all of the participants at the 2012 CFA World Show! Cat Talk has a special reward for those with breed wins. Our February issue will feature up to four pages of photos of those cats that received breed awards (Best of Breed in Kitten,Championship or Premiership) in either of the shows in any category. Best through 3rd Best HHP in either show may also participate. Best of all,it’s free!

If you don’t know whether your cat qualifies,check out the Breed Win results for each show found on this page. All cats listed for Breed Wins in both the Red and Purple show qualify to have their photo in Cat Talk.

Please submit your photo to and put “Cat Talk World Show Photo”in the subject line. List all of the following information in the email:

  • Full name with current titles
  • Placement,Category,&Breed
  • Which Show? Red or Purple
  • Breeder
  • Owner
  • Region
  • Your email address
These photos should be the same resolution and size as those for the Parade of Grands,ask your photographer for assistance. If you do not have a professional photo,you can submit a good candid but Cat Talk reserves the right to reject candids based on photo quality. If you are waiting on a photo from a photographer,go ahead and submit your information as soon as possible to reserve your space and send the photo by the deadline.

Send your photo soon because we can only include the first 95 submissions! Deadline for submission is January 4th,2013

New Novice Rules 2012

Did you know that if you do not have a registration number for your adult cat,even if the cat has 2 CFA parents,you CAN enter the cat as a novice,and you CAN get a Temporary Registration Number (TRN) so that you can show your cat and earn/keep points and titles? The board made major changes to the novice class in June that took effect right then and apply to all regions and divisions of CFA,redefining the novice class to include those cats with both CFA parents.

CFA Newsletter,June 15 2012,summarizing the changes

Show Rule changes

Transcript of June 12 board teleconference discussing the changes

Master clerks and entry clerks should review the info and contact Central Office with any questions. Contact Kristi Wollam,,for TRNs.

If you would like to enter your novice in a CFA show and compete for points (and keep them),contact the entry clerk to obtain a TRN,or contact Kristi with questions.

E-points Delay

We are sorry to report that we are unable to post e-points from the World Show. Our current software scoring program required changes due to the 5 breed placement scoring. We are currently waiting for the program changes/updates to be completed before proceeding with the National/Regional scoring.

Shows held November 24-25 will be processed as usual if received in a timely manner.

Donna Jean Thompson
Director of Operations

Judging Applicants for February 2013

Applicants for Consideration at the February 2013 Board Meeting:

 Sharon Rogers –LONGHAIR
Alta Loma,California

Toshihiko Tsuchiya –SHORTHAIR
Shibuya-Ku Tokyo,Japan

Information concerning the moral character,temperament and ethics,and the spectrum of experience concerning the breeding and showing (and agenting) of cats would be helpful to the CFA Executive Board in the evaluation of applicants to the Judging Program. The manner in which an applicant’s cats are housed and cared for is also pertinent. See Judging Program Rules,Section II.A.15.B. as well as the Judges’Code of Ethics for more information on what the Board of Directors will require in an excellent candidate.

Recommendations or concerns are encouraged so that the Judging Program Committee and ultimately the CFA Board of Directors may make an informed decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of any individual making an application to the CFA Judging Program. All letters must be signed.

Anonymous letters will not be accepted. Negative letters must be
documented and substantiated. All negative letters will be shared with the applicant to offer the opportunity for rebuttal. All letters and responses,if any,will accompany the application.

Please send letters by email or snail mail to the Applications
Administrator (see below) by the deadline indicated:

Letters due by December 31,2012

Letters of recommendation,or copies thereof,must not be sent to the applicant,nor may the applicant ask for any preview of recommendations.

 Multiple recommendations stemming from one source will be treated as a single recommendation.

Donna Isenberg
11117 Braddock Drive
Culver City CA 90230

Best In Show Winners

Congratulations to our Best In Show winners for 2012:

Judge Larry Adkison with the Best in Show Winner and his owners

Best In Show

Wild Rain Let’s Dance of Dotdotdot

Chocolate Spotted Ocicat Male Kitten

Owners:  Roger &  Nancy Brown and David & Carol Freels


1st Runner-Up

GC Ghattas Black Jack

Black/White Male Persian

Owner: Luis Otavio Reis Credie


2nd Runner-Up

Seder Rennes Estee Lauder

Blue Tabby & White Female Persian Kitten

Owners: Peggy Huffman &  Noralyn Heisig


3rd Runner-Up

GC Parti Wai Ex Jackpot

Cream Spotted Tabby &  White Exotic Male

Owner:  Penni Richter




First Runner-Up


2nd Runner-Up


3rd Runner-Up


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Text Alerts


Text Alerts allows those of you with Smart Phones to receive messages from CFA.  Its Easy! All you have to do is sign up. This technology is a great way for CFA to communicate with you.

For one of our first uses of this feature,  we plan to send out alerts from the CFA / Royal Canin World Championship Cat Show. We expect to send messages from the show with news of who is winning (along with photos),how many cats in attendance,  news about the number of visitors and lots more.  If you’re not attending the show,  text alert messages are a great way to feel like you’re right there watching all of the activities. If you are attending the show,  text alerts add to the fun.

We are hoping for hundreds,even thousands,of you to sign up and join in the excitement of this show and to be able to receive up-to-the minute information from CFA all year long.

Sign up now !



CFA is advertising heavily in the Columbus area to attract a large gate.

Here is a copy of a poster.  If you live in the area, feel free to print it and ask businesses you frequent to display it.

Here is a copy of a brochure.  If you live in the area,  feel free to print it and ask busiensses you frequent to share it with their customers.

Here are two commercials that will be running on local television, a 15-second version and a 30-second version.

15-Second Commercial


30-Second Commercial

This could be you!

Pictured above is 2011 Best Cat in Show GP Rhamjoge Better Believe It with her people,Matt &DeLinda Pearson. Who will be Best Cat in Show in 2012???